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Know about the benefits of using bone china crockery items.

Bone china is one of the most sophisticated and lavish of the tableware things, making the addition of classy and up to date design to any table, whether it’s breakfast, dinner or lunch.

Bone china is a robust, lightweight, and beautiful material utilized to make tableware, tea ware like plates, teacups, bowls, and mugs. Bone china is made by using china clay, bone ash and china stone, using which a Bone China crockery manufacturer India like Seashell ceramics manufactures various crockery items. This creates a light, delicate material that gives a milky and transparent appearance.

Have a look at some of the significant benefits of using tableware made from Bone china:

It is one of the most robust materials among porcelain and China-made ceramics, lasting through daily use. Bone china is also a solid and precious material for which it lasts very long and generates immense sentimental value when passed through several generations. It brings in several perceptions of beauty and classy taste for dining at home, making each day an extraordinary occasion.

In addition, bone china is also.
  • Break resilient
  • Microwave safe
  • Oven and dishwasher safe.

Hard: Even if it is light and semi-transparent, and might seem fragile but it is the strongest porcelain. The wear and tear resilient features makes it high favorable and best choice for hotels, casinos as well as resorts.

Bone china is measured as one of the high-quality ceramics used for tableware. It is best for daily use and other special occasions because it is strong, durable, excellent, and chip-resistant.

Sea Shell Cup Bone China

Sea Shell is one of the most reputed & famous Bone China tableware Distributor & Manufacturer in India since 1992. We are known for our wide range of coffee mugs, cup saucers, dinner sets, tea sets made of bone China. We have a wide network of trusted distributors across India.

Our designs are so impressive you would definitely think to buy one when you look it!

We have a beautiful combination of cups and saucers which will definitely impress you in the first sight. We are popular in the market due to the quality, durability and commitment. Our products are ultimate in quality, as they are heat and scratch resistant. Our products are safe for dishwashers and microwaves.

We are well known brand in tea sets as you can get it confirmed with our tea sets distributor in India.

Our coffee mugs are beautiful, impressive and durable which can impress your family and friends. Try it once and see the difference.

We are renowned cup saucers manufacturers in India who makes beautiful but durable cup saucers for you.

Our fine China collection is the right choice for every dining occasion either outdoor or indoors, you would get the same good feeling while using it. We have made our products to delight your family, friends and guests on any occasions.

We assure you would get the same nice experience whether you are a retail buyer, a distributor or a wholesaler.

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